Black Tiger Club & Sons Of Sin


A group of close friends and I created a brand and built the blanks form the ground up using a local factory in LA. We meticulously crafted each part of the brand in keeping with the back story. The pieces produced were sold exclusively through Lucky Brand stores.

In 2007, the warehouse space on 59th St. in South Los Angeles was sold at auction. The previous owner, Samuel Moon, one of the founding members of the Sons Of Sin, left for trash the last remaining artifacts of a group of men who helped define a generation. Shirts, posters, prints, banners, all the original silkscreens and artwork, forgotten. These relics of a day long gone, lay uncovered in a damp desolate warehouse, until a group of friends discovered them. Looking for a creative space for work and play, this group unearthed a moment, frozen in time, and saw it as their duty to resurrect and tell the story of these unlikely heroes, as infamous as their name… BLACK TIGER CLUB & SONS OF SIN

The BLACK TIGER CLUB & SONS OF SIN set up shop in the Firestone District of South Los Angeles. A dilapidated warehouse became the club’s home, workspace, clubhouse, their sanctuary. Set up in the corner of the space was a second-hand screen print machine. Originally used to print club jackets and shirts, the group soon began producing one-of-a-kind pieces of artwork. The process was crude, but the final product had heart. Constructed by men who lived for the next desert run or drag rally, the pieces produced, whether it be a poster for the next race, or a riding jersey for a new member, became badges for the club, icons of their love, and for us, inspiration for a new generation.

It is these discarded pieces and the very screens used to make them, that give the new line it’s unique character, heritage and individuality. Looked at as mistakes and tossed aside as errors, these beautiful works now serve as the very heart and soul for the BLACK TIGER CLUB.


South Los Angeles was the beating heart of the West Coast in the later years of the 1960’s. Families were moving to the suburbs, and the inner city was playing host to a new generation of street warrior. To survive these hallowed blocks of LA, you had to be tough, smart, and above all, run in numbers. The BLACK TIGER CLUB formed out of necessity, solidified out of love and passion for all things fast and loud.

With only three original members, the BTC eventually grew to twenty seven strong, becoming one of the most notorious speed clubs on the West Coast. The open road, the strip, the desert, the flats, the hills, no matter what track, the BLACK TIGER CLUB attacked it with the same ferocity and heart of any soldier on the battlefield. Brought together for the love of speed and the all out exhilaration felt only by those who truly know what 200 MPH feels like.

They never let off and never backed down. Kings of the streets, souls of the open road and brothers to the end, the BTC lived fast, hard and pinned to the redline.


In 1968, the Vietnam War was in full swing, and an all out withdrawal seemed like a far off dream. For the men finishing their first tour, ship-out couldn’t come fast enough. Having seen and lived in hell, B-12 loads of men started taking their long journey home, or at least back to where they came from. They soon found “home” to be just another distant memory. Boys returned men, the strong, broken, and idealistic, forgotten. These men returned and found their world had changed.

For a small group of these men, South Los Angeles became home, and the SONS OF SIN was born. Started as a co-op to help cope with the trials of a new nation, SOS was birthed from the necessity of brotherhood as a means of survival, and the philosophy that any day can be your last, so live it as if it were.

Welders, mechanics, leather workers, carpenters, drivers, artists, soldiers, brothers, they were loved, they were hated, they were forgotten, they were the SONS OF SIN.

DEATH OF A NATION. BIRTH OF A LEGEND – Bred From Speed, Born Of The Streets & Bound By Blood

The Streets of South Los Angeles became a breeding ground for crime, art, speed, and hardship. For the BLACK TIGER CLUB and the SONS OF SIN, an unlikely friendship was to become and unforgettable bond. The two organizations soon formed an unbreakable alliance. Drawn together by their shared ideals and violent patriotic past, these two groups became inseparable. On the tough streets, family took on a new meaning.

“There comes a time when brotherhood can no longer be defined by blood, but by bloodshed.”
Sons Of Sin – 1946 – ?

“When you are facing death, facing it day in and day out, you learn to deal with it, hell, even love it. You accept your fate. You accept death himself is knocking at your door, you open it, and embrace that bastard with open arms. What else can you do? It’s only when you wholeheartedly accept death, that you truly are alive, and nothing, I mean nothing, can take that life from you. You are invincible, and no matter what happens to your body, you soul lives on, fights on. That was us then. That is us now. There’s no two ways about it, we will outlive you all.”
Black Tiger Club – 1949 – 1972